• Global


    We offer advise on how to use the technology for your business administration. Basically we can help or do the work for you!

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  • Communication


    We do promotions by email campaigns and also advertise your business sending text messages to phones.

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  • Confidentiality


    Privacy is essential! we assure we dont share your information with nobody and we report directly to you.

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  • Network


    We offer technical IT support to any size networks. Servers, Workstations, Printers, Email Systems, Scanners, Data Storage and more!

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services overview

We help with the job

We do the computing job for you, in a proffesional way.

We classify your annual expenses to easy tax declaration.

We give you an expense report separating: Gasoline, food, repairs, materials used, purchase of equipment, telephones, rent, internet, gas service, electricity, payment to sub-contractors, insurance expenses, and all classifications that apply to your business.

We also offer promotion service by email or texts to telephones for advertising with your clients.